Ese Coatings China manufacturers a range of PU Water based Coatings for application on Timber, both natural and composite.
Coatings are all made from leading European Resin suppliers with all raw materials being supplied by Multinational companies with stringent QC systems.
Ese Coatings China also has access to leading chemists to formulate coatings to the highest quality and consequently be able to offers appropriate warranties and guarantees.
Timber coatings have been tested for Green Star rating and are also tested by US testing authority.

*A full range of clear finishes are available to protect the timber finish and also highlight the grain and natural colours.

Gloss Clear 2010 – A highly reflective Clear Gloss finish is achieved by applying coating in 3-4 wet coats over prepared substrate.
Semi Gloss Clear – A slight etch can be achieved whilst still highlighting the natural look of the timber.
Satin Clear 2020 – An even Satin finish can be achieved by applying 3-4 coats over substrate. Coating dries even with no patchiness.
Clear Matt 2040 – A even diffused Matt finish can be achieved which still allows natural look to be highlighted whilst giving a soft lustre appearance.

Ese Coatings China offers a full range of PU Pigmented finishes in Clear Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matt Finishes.
An unlimited range of colours are available from Deep base to light pastels using the Ese Coatings Tinting system.
A computerized Data base system allows the customer to achieve any colour in all finishes with preciseness and stability.
The coatings are all UV stable with excellent physical and chemical resistance.
The colours are achieved using a Clear Base combined with the following tinters :
White, Black, Yellow Oxide, Blue, Green, Violet, etc etc
Ese Coatings China also has a PU Water based Metallic and Pearlescent range available.
The 2200 Metallic series offers a base Silver which can then be blended with tinters to create an unlimited range of Metallic colours.



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