Product: ESE Coatings 1000 Glass Coating System
Technical Description: A Water Based Polyurethane Dispersion
Special Features: Coatings has been specifically designed for the decoration of
Glass. It’s coverage, adhesion and its superior mechanical and chemical properties provide a long lasting quality finish.
It is a non - yellowing, odorless product, friendly to the user and the environment.
Mixing Ratio: One Part ESE 1000 to 2% ESE 1001 Activator. Water to be added as thinner.
Principal Use: Decoration of Glass
Colour / Finishes: Available in High White, Medium White, Low White, Gloss Clear, Clear Frost, Metallic Silver.
Chemical and Physical Characteristics:

Solid Content:  45 - 50%
Viscosity:      500 -700 Centipoise

Specific Gravity:

High White



Medium White



Low White



Gloss Clear





Drying Time at 20 Degrees C

  • Dust Free : 15-20 min
  • Touch Dry : 30-40 min
  • Through Dry :  24 hours
  • Dry to Handle : 4 -6 hours
  • Through Dry: 16 – 48 hours

Coverage:        Opaque: 1 Mixed Litre : 4 sq/m
Gloss Level:    60% Satin

Application Instructions:

This product is to be applied with a conventional Spray Gun with a 1-8mm to 2.0mm cap size.

It is to be diluted with 10% water for spray application. If water is from tap it must be drinkable.
If non tap water, distilled water must be used.
Coating should be applied in a dust free spray booth with regulated air flow and with air lines and compressor free of moisture and oil contaminates.
The Spray gun should be thoroughly cleaned and be free of any solvent residue. A specialized Spray gun for water use only is preferable.
The Optimum results the Coating should be applied in temperatures between 15 -30 Degrees Celsius.
Avoid application when the relative humidity exceeds 70%.
In excessive heat or humidity the ESE 1000 Slow Thinner can be mixed at 10% with paint as a replacement for standard water.

Surface Preparation: The glass surface must be thoroughly cleaned before application of coating. If glass has not been cleaned through a glass washing machine the surface must be cleaned with a strong pure alcohol solution to remove any contaminates.
Coverage: 1 Litre of Mixed High White will cover 4-5 sq/m. After curing of applied coating, glass panel needs to be checked for application before installation.
Compatibility to Adhesives: After 48 hours cure time at an ambient temperature between 20 – 30 Degrees C, the coated glass panel can be applied to a wall substrate using Neutral Cure Non Acidic Silicon only. Adhesive is to be applied in no more than 6mm vertical lines and is not to be applied in Blobs as per Silicon manufactures recommendations.
Accelerated Curing / In order to accelerate the processing of coated glass, the ESE 1000 Coating can be curried by convectional or IR heat
Forced Drying As a guide a heat source of approximately 80 Degrees C - !00 Degrees C for a period of 30 min will fully cure the said coating.


Please contact an ESE Coatings representative if any of the guidelines need to be explained or detailed.


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