ESE Coatings Glass Test Report


ESE Coatings 1000 Glass Coating System is a Water Bourne Polyurethane Hybrid Coating System specifically designed and manufactured for the decoration of glass.
Only UV stable pigments have been used and all components of the system are designed to ensure a coating which has full chemical and physical resistance and enables Ese Coatings International to offer extensive warranties.

The coating has been tested extensively in a laboratory and Glass Processing facility scenario, this testing inclusive off:

  • Accelerated Weathering in a QUV machine up to the equivalent of 10 years.
  • Cross hatch and Boil tests.
  • Cut and processing of coated glass on flat line polisher and waterjet / C&C machine.
  • Testing in PVB, EVA & Liquid Pour systems for compliance.
  • Coatings passed all criteria for above testing procedures.

ESE Coatings 1000 System is currently undergoing independent testing with Intertek USA. The following tests are currently being processed:


  • ASTM D 3359 Adhesion – Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test.
  • ASTM D 4587 UV Exposure ( per hour ) – Standard Practice for Fluorescent UV – Condensation Exposures of Paint and related Coatings.
  • ASTM D 2244 Colour Measurement – Standard Practice for Calculation of Colour Tolerances and Colour Differences from Instrumentally Measured Colour Co-ordinates.
  • ASTM B 117 – Salt Fog ( as defined within ASTM C 1503 ) – Standard Practice for operating Salt Spray ( Fog ) Apparatus.
  • ASTM C 650 – Chemical Resistance ( per chemical ) – Standard Test Method for Resistance of Coated Glass to Chemical substances.
  • ASTM 800 Compatibility Study ( per sealant ) – Standard test for compatibility to adhesives used in the Glazing market.



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